Why is your menu derived exclusively from plants?

Because, when prepared with care, they simply taste great. And with 298,000 edible plant species on this glorious green planet, who wouldn’t want to savour it all?

Of course nuts, seeds, roots and leaves make for a kinder choice potentially – for your health personally, and environmentally. And aren’t we all in search of exciting combinations and surprises worth talking about?

Can I be sure your food is 100% vegan?

Yes. It’s not allowed in if it’s had anything to do with a pulse. (Unless it’s a chickpea, lentil or bean) So that’s no meat, no dairy, and no eggs.

I can still have cows’ milk with my coffee though, right?

Sorry, we only serve dairy-free options here. Our coffee comes with oat milk and almond milk (our own recipe).

I keep away from nuts / soy / gluten. Are they on your menu?

No-one wants to end their evening in casualty, thanks to a casually-prepared meal. Whilst we do offer nut, soy and gluten-free options, we cannot claim that our food is prepared in an environment without traces of them.

We cook from scratch in a kitchen with shared spaces, so can’t give guarantees. Just delicious options which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Are you organic?

Our approach is to use organic produce and to source from ethical farmers, whenever possible.

Can we book a table?

Sorry, we have a limited number of seats and open doors, to invite all-comers all of the time. Although we haven’t the capacity for bookings, we will save your order and seat you as soon as possible instead.

Is there disabled access?

Our entrance is fully accessible, and although we are a cosy space, we will always make room where we can. Washroom facilities are primed and ready too.

Do you have high-chairs?

Yes we do. Children love our food, and there’s nothing like cramming them with nutrients without them noticing.

You’ll find we also have a nappy-changing station for when the inevitable occurs…

Do you have WiFi?

Yes and there is no password.

What’s the story with your name?

The lupine and the ovine… Traditionally not the best of friends. Typecast as the enemy and the innocent. Predator and prey.

These days, thinking’s not so black and white. We see strengths and vulnerabilities in everyone.

Our story, and our aim, is about sweetly slaying misconceptions. And surprising harmony – amongst people, flavours and our place in the world.

Why is Wulf spelled with a U?

It’s an ancient – and softer-sounding – way to spell wolf.
Softness out of savagery is something worth celebrating.